As an Emmy-award winning T.V. journalist and presenter, I am very familiar with the intense pressure of having to perform and communicate information in front of an audience.


 As a clinical counselor and psychotherapist, I am trained in helping to develop tools to manage anxiety, modify behavior and improve communication. That is why I'm passionate about combining my two professional backgrounds to help you achieve your maximum potential as a communicator and/or performer.


Performance counseling goes beyond "coaching" and helps you to train your mind to be "in the zone" every time you need to communicate or perform especially in high-pressure situations.


Together we can understand and confront internal obstacles that prevent you from performing to your full potential and develop strategies to make permanent changes.

Whether you're an on-camera presenter, social media influencer, business person, professional performer, competitor or you just want to improve your daily communication skills , I can assist you in finding and maintaining your prime performance level.  I don't believe in a one-size fits all approach, so the number of sessions will depend on your performance goals.


Let's do a free 10-minute consultation to see what you need and how I can help! 

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