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Prime Performer

 To achieve your ultimate performance potential, you have to train your mind as diligently as you practice your technique. This is a more intensive program for dancers, actors or any other performers or competitors wanting to take their performance to the next level.  

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On-Camera Presenter

Whether you're aspiring to be an on-camera presenter or sharpen your current presenting skills, this is an immersive program that includes performance counseling sessions, on-camera lab work and feedback .


Dynamic Communicator

Designed to make you the most dynamic communicator you can be in the shortest time possible. Perfect for preparing for a one-off speaking engagement or presentation or to make daily communication more effective. 

General Counseling and Well-Being

In addition to being a performance coach, I am a clinically trained mental health counselor. So whether you're dealing with a traumatic event, ongoing emotional difficulties or just need a mental health well-being check-up, I can help you navigate life's inevitable challenges.