Jak Wilson

Australian National Dancesport Championship Finalist

“I’ve been working with Melissa for a few years now and she has helped me gain an understanding of my goals and strategies as an athlete. She has also developed and strengthened my mental focus in such a way that has not only improved my performance but also my life.  

Melissa has knowledge that only comes from first-hand experience and expertise that has been recognized by viewers and colleagues alike, which is why Melissa is the only choice for me to mentally improve and

achieve greatness. “


Norman Gittleson

Former Writer/Producer CBS News “Up to the Minute.”

“I took a poll my former television colleagues and we voted Melissa our favorite anchor of CBS News “Up to the Minute.” Her professionalism was unquestioned.  She always prepped thoroughly for her interviews and was genuinely interested in the subject matter. Her poise on camera was always evident.  She listened to the interviewee, which is crucial in a television interview where you may have to quickly shift topics.  Melissa was a complete professional as a journalist and on-camera. Her being good at her job made my job as a writer and producer that much easier and for that I will always thank her. “



Mitch Mitchell

Former Consultant and Analyst

CBS News

“Melissa Thompson is a consummate professional who understands how to get the best out of people who do public speaking, especially those who are required to speak on-camera.  She is always well-prepared on the issues that will be discussed and is an expert at taking people she interviews down the most important discussion paths.  She always produces concise, focused and comprehensive discussions. Her on-camera performance is flawless. She knows how to reach out to her audiences and engage them. Her professional attitude combined with her warm and friendly nature always result in great on-air presentations. Her ability to lead discussions and react to people’s responses is second to none. “



Craig Wilson

Senior Broadcast Producer

CBS Evening News- Weekend Edition

“Melissa Thompson is a veteran network correspondent and proven strategic communicator.  Our paths crossed as colleagues at CBS News in New York City where she anchored the network broadcast 'Up to the Minute'-seen across the United States and in the United Kingdom on the SKY Network.  For viewers, Melissa was relied on to report the news of the day, fairly and accurately.  Those events included national political crises, natural disasters, plane crashes and war- including the 2003 U.S. led invasion of Iraq.  But most importantly to me, her colleague, Melissa empowered us all to be better. Not just as journalists-but people. Melissa didn’t just cover events, she cared about the details of people’s lives.  She is a terrific writer and strong producer. And she made us all better—every day.”


Hannah Canon

Former Australian National Latin Dance Champion

Choreographer, Producer

Director of Canon Dance House

  "As a performer, I often have to present to camera which had previously been a daunting task,  however, Melissa instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed as she refined my skills which gave me confidence.  I trust her coaching methods and would highly recommend her services. "

   "I have had the privilege of working with and watching Melissa as a competitor and show dance performer.  She has an amazing work ethic  and a stage presence that makes it hard to take your eyes off of her."