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I believe every single individual has a talent that comes naturally to them and that they're able to do better than most other people. The trick is finding it, then developing it to the maximum potential.  Helping people develop their talent from the inside out is what I'm passionate about. When your performance emanates from a place internally instead of just externally, it's more consistent, developed, authentic and very special.

4x Emmy Award Winner

Melissa is a four-time Emmy award-winning TV presenter, interviewer, writer and producer who spent more than two decades in the U.S. media, working for network affiliates in Kansas and Washington D.C., as well as CBS News in New York City where she was the sole host of the network news program “Up To The Minute.”  She also filled in on the “CBS Morning News” and “The Early Show”.  In addition to her Emmys, Melissa has been awarded Edward R. Murrow and Ohio State awards for excellence in journalism and recognized by the prestigious Society of Professional Journalists in Washington D.C..  Melissa is also a clinically trained psychotherapist and performance counselor.  In 2021, she decided to combine all of her experience by founding Prime2Perform Talent and Media Coaching and Video Production.  Melissa enjoys nurturing talent and helping them present the best version of themselves through performance training that’s tailored to each person’s individual needs.  Whether you’re an on-camera presenter, social media influencer, dancer, actor, athletic competitor or business person, let Melissa use her vast experience to help you deliver the best performance possible.

Melissa Thompson

Professional headshot of Melissa Thompson, four-time Emmy award-winning TV presenter, interviewer, writer and producer
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