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Mitch Mitchell

Former Consultant and Analyst

CBS News

“Melissa Thompson is a consummate professional who understands how to get the best out of people who do public speaking, especially those who are required to speak on-camera.  She is always well-prepared on the issues that will be discussed and is an expert at taking people she interviews down the most important discussion paths.  She always produces concise, focused and comprehensive discussions. Her on-camera performance is flawless. She knows how to reach out to her audiences and engage them. Her professional attitude combined with her warm and friendly nature always result in great on-air presentations. Her ability to lead discussions and react to people’s responses is second to none. “



As someone who has addressed a national and international network television audience on a nightly basis, Melissa knows first-hand the importance of impactful and dynamic communication and presentation. Public speaking, in addition to news presenting, was part of her job for more than two decades. At Prime2Perform, Melissa uses her vast experience to help you work on the way you speak and how to boost your credibility with your audience.  Voice control, pitch, gestures and non-verbal communication are just some of the crucial factors that can enhance your message delivery and Melissa knows how to help you use those factors to your advantage. Few corporate presentation and media trainers have the combined experience of extensive on-camera performance and clinical psychological training that Melissa brings to the table.  She can help you improve your mental focus and control any anxiety you might have about speaking in front of people. As an Emmy award-winning writer and producer, she can also help you organize your presentation to be more interesting and engaging. Melissa is available for individual sessions as well as group workshops. Contact Prime2Perform to find out how Melissa can help you.  

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