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Hannah Canon

Former Australian National Latin Dance Champion

Choreographer, Producer

Director of Canon Dance House

"As a performer, I often have to present to camera which had previously been a daunting task,  however, Melissa instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed as she refined my skills which gave me confidence.  I trust her coaching methods and would highly recommend her services.

 I have had the privilege of working with and watching Melissa as a competitor and show dance performer.  She has an amazing work ethic  and a stage presence that makes it hard to take your eyes off of her."



Prime2Perform’s talent training program starts with an assessment of where you are as a performer and where you’d like to be. Melissa discusses any emotional obstacles that could be impacting your progress and reviews your performance videos with you to figure out how to make you even stronger. Working on-camera for years, in many situations, equipped Melissa to understand how to connect with audiences and how to make a performance more interesting and dynamic. By delving deeper into who you are as a performer and what makes you unique, Melissa is able to help you be more consistent in your presentation and better prepare yourself mentally every time you take the stage. She can also help you discover more emotional layers that will give you more range. Melissa has helped many performers through work in the Prime2Perform Performance Lab.  She uses techniques she’s developed such as “Emotionalization of Movement” which combines movement and expression.  Melissa also coaches performers in how to audition more confidently and how to make their performance translate to camera. After this training, many clients are ready to take advantage of Prime2Perform’s video production services to create a video showcase of their talent.  Whether you just want feedback on your current presentation or more intensive training to become a stronger, more dynamic performer, contact Prime2Perform to see what Melissa can do for you.

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