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Jak Wilson

Australian National Dancesport Championship Finalist

“I’ve been working with Melissa for a few years now and she has helped me gain an understanding of my goals and strategies as an athlete. She has also developed and strengthened my mental focus in such a way that has not only improved my performance but also my life.  

Melissa has knowledge that only comes from first-hand experience and expertise that has been recognized by viewers and colleagues alike, which is why Melissa is the only choice for me to mentally improve and

achieve greatness. “


Prime2Perform is just as the name implies; preparation to perform to the best of your ability. It’s about training mentally as much as you do physically. Melissa works with athletes who compete on local and international levels.  She begins with a psychological assessment that determines your strengths and weaknesses as a competitor and how to improve those areas. As a clinically trained psychotherapist, Melissa is a member of the APA’s branch of the Society for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology and is well-versed in mental training techniques that help you achieve maximum performance results. As a veteran TV news presenter and reporter, she is very familiar with performing in stressful, high-pressured situations that require calm and focus. She works side-by-side with coaches to develop a mental strategy development program that compliments the athlete’s physical training. She also works with teams to help build better communication and goal sharing, with tangible results tracking that measure the progress of the athletes after each competition. The only thing more formidable than a technically-trained athlete is one who is a mentally-trained competitor as well.  Contact Prime2Perform to find out how Melissa can help you up your game.

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