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Virtual Reality

The Next Frontier in Performance and Presentation Training

Much of what we do at Prime2Perform is focused on training the brain to process high-pressure situations more efficiently, so you have more control over your thoughts and actions.

Virtual reality is one of the most popular products of developing technology today. VR training delves deeper and is more effective than many traditional approaches used for anxiety control, mental focus, mindfulness, and relaxation. Virtual reality deceives the human brain into the feeling of being present in a virtual body and space. Previously, imagery was the only option to try to recreate anxiety-producing situations like a performance or competition. With virtual reality, you can actually feel like you’re in an event or environment which triggers more authentic responses to what you’d have if the experience was real.

This allows me to help you work on controlling your reactions and responses as they happen and practice helpful techniques on the spot as you’re responding physiologically and psychologically to a simulated situation. That way when the real thing happens, your body and brain remember a new way to respond.


Some of the areas in which virtual reality training can be applied are:

Anxiety Control

Overcoming Phobias

Improving Focus

Relaxation Techniques

Social Skills

Mindfulness Practices

Trauma Treatment

For example, if you’re worried about public speaking, I can create a public speaking environment tailored just for you and manipulate the environment to reflect your individual needs. I can do the same for social anxiety or phobias such as fear of heights or flying.  With virtual reality, I can help you with mindfulness and relaxation skills training. Instead imagining you’re on a sandy beach somewhere, I can actually put you there through a virtual environment. Imagine virtually swimming with dolphins while you’re learning to calm your mind and improve your focus!

More than 30 years of research behind this technology shows that the results happen faster and are more long lasting than traditional approaches.

There are also programs designed specifically for children.

Virtual reality training can be done in-person or online*.

What are you waiting for?


Book your VR training session now or contact us if you have any questions!

*Online requires the one-time purchase of a smartphone VR glasses headset that usually starts at $20 and is widely available on sites like Amazon.

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