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Talent & Media Coaching

With Melissa Thompson

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Meet Melissa

Emmy Award Winner & TV Journalist and Presenter

Melissa is a four-time Emmy award-winning TV presenter, interviewer, writer and producer who spent more than two decades in the U.S. media, working for network affiliates in Kansas and Washington D.C., as well as CBS News in New York City where she was the sole host of the network news program “Up To The Minute.”  She also filled in on the “CBS Morning News” and “The Early Show”.


Here are my areas of expertise that I can assist you with:

& Talent Coaching

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Prime2Perform’s talent training program starts with an assessment of where you are as a performer and where you’d like to be. Melissa discusses any emotional obstacles that could be impacting your progress and reviews your performance videos with you to figure out how to make you even stronger...

On-Camera Coaching & Media Training

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Whether you’re an aspiring on-camera presenter, host/spokesperson, social media influencer, businessperson or you’ve received a request to be interviewed by a media outlet, Prime2Perform can help you look and sound polished and camera-ready...

Video Production

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Prime2Perform partners with Jaylani Productions to produce dynamic videos and pictures for clients.  Whether it be a reel for social media or a resume video, Melissa uses her Emmy award-winning skills as a writer, producer and director to help you create a memorable showcase for your talent...

Mental Training for Athletes and Competitors

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Prime2Perform is just as the name implies; preparation to perform to the best of your ability. It’s about training mentally as much as you do physically. Melissa works with athletes who compete on local and international levels...

Corporate Presentation and Public Speaking Training

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As someone who has addressed a national and international network television audience on a nightly basis, Melissa knows first-hand the importance of impactful and dynamic communication and presentation. Public speaking, in addition to news presenting, was part of her job for more than two decades.

Performance & Presentation Workshop

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Whether you want your staff to be stronger presenters and communicators so they bring in more clients, or you coach performers such as dancers or actors and want them to be more confident and dynamic, Prime2Perform can help...

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